Sermons on Gospel Themes

By Charles Finney


Lecture I - God's Love for a Sinning World

Lecture II - On Trusting in the Mercy of God

Lecture III - The Wages of Sin

Lecture IV - The Savior Lifted Up, and the Look of Faith

Lecture V - The Excuses of Sinners Condemn God

Lecture VI - The Sinner's Excuses Answered

Lecture VII - On Refuges of Lies

Lecture VIII - The Wicked Heart Set to do Evil

Lecture IX - Moral Insanity

Lecture X - Conditions of Being Saved

Lecture XI - The Sinner's Natural Power and Moral Weakness

Lecture XII - On the Atonement

Lecture XIII - Where Sin Occurs God Cannot Wisely Prevent It

Lecture XIV - The Inner and The Outer Revelation

Lecture XV - Quenching the Spirit

Lecture XVI - The Spirit Not Always Striving

Lecture XVII - Christ Our Advocate

Lecture XVIII - God's Love Commended To Us

Lecture XIX - Prayer and Labor For the Gathering of the Great Harvest

Lecture XX - Converting Sinners a Christian Duty

Lecture XXI - Men Often Highly Esteem What God Abhors

Lecture XXII - Victory Over the World Through Faith

Lecture XXIII - Death to Sin through Christ

Lecture XXIV - The Essential Elements of Christian Experience