Revival Fire

By Charles Finney


LETTER I - Superficial Revivals

LETTER II - Unhealthy Revival Excitement

LETTER III - A Cause Of Spurious Conversions

LETTER IV - Errors That Hinder Revivals

LETTER V - Erroneous Revival Preaching

LETTER VI - Excitement In Revivals

LETTER VII - Fanatical Excitement

LETTER VIII - Excitement In Revivals

LETTER IX - Why So Few Revivals?

LETTER X - Causes Of The Decline Of Revivals

LETTER XI - The Impolicy Of Spasmodic Efforts

LETTER XII - Hindrances To A Revival Spirit

LETTER XIII - Objections To Protracted Meetings

LETTER XIV - Hindrances To Revivals

LETTER XV - The Pernicious Attitude Of The Church On The Reforms Of The Age

LETTER XVI - The Folly Of Attempting To Sustain True Religion Without Revivals